Rest of 2014

So far, in the past 211 days, I graduated college, took the MCAT, and enrolled in a post-bacc program. For the rest of 2014, I’d like to ace my postbacc, retake the MCAT, and be well on my way to medical school. Cheers to ambition, optimism and good karma (: Continue reading

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Grown Up

Some things still hold true, the dreams of the future carry on. I still hope to be a physician, and save children around the globe through ‘Doctors without borders‘. My visions of a perfect world however are shattered. As an adult, I now know that life isn’t perfect, and things will go wrong. To be happy, I must embrace the twists and turns that are life, learn from my experiences, and continue to work towards my goal. Though there is no promise of that perfect life tomorrow, I can continue to work towards it today and let my dreams live on.





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Being Poor

Inspired by John Scalzi,

Being poor is to never mention what your family does, or how many siblings you have

Being poor is hiding where you live

Being poor is making excuses for why you wear the same shoes or have the same purse everyday

Being poor is realizing that life isnÞ’t fair

Being poor is watching people criticize welfare, yet knowing your parents have done the best they could

Being poor is watching despair around you, hoping you can make out of it

Being poor is eating the same meal everyday and being told to be grateful

Being poor is hiding everything about you, because you don’t want to be pitied

Being poor is celebrating milestones like highschool and college graduation, knowing the odds were against you

Being poor is avoiding social media because you’re ashamed of your family-life or therelackof.

Being poor is telling friends to drop you off across the street, because you don’t wanna be judged for your neighborhood

Being poor is knowing that some people would never be okay with your situation, even if you can’t help it.

Being poor is watching your siblings get caught up in crimes and drugs, whilst you continue the struggle to overcome

Being poor is persevering today so that hopefully tmrw might be better

Being poor is purchasing clothes with tags still on, so they can later be returned

Being poor is walking everywhere, because you donÞ’t have the privilege of a car

Being poor is working your butt off in college, and still being judged by your Þüpper classÞ”peers

Being poor is watching your parents get sicker and sicker, because they don’t have health care

Being poor is lying to your teachers about why you can’t go to field trips

Being poor is making rounds at your school’s financial aid office until someone finally feels bad and gives you an extra grant

Being poor is having people tell you that they don’t understand why you have low-self esteem

Being poor is yearning to someday just be normal.

Being poor is having the past haunt you, even when you finally manage to get away from it all.




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The Problems With Being Fine

You tell yourself you’re fine.

If you’re fine, you don’t have to do anything about it

The bigger issue with being fine is that you’ve secretly given up, convinced yourself your ok without that thing you really want.

New motto: I’m not fine, I’m fantastic.

You have life-changing ideas for a reason, and that reason is not to haunt you

First decision you make this morning, to settle back: It is comfortable

Tmrw morning set your alarm for 30 mins earlier. Throw sheets off, start your day. Do it. You will come face to face with the physical force that is required to achieve your goal. Push yourself. Stop convinving yourself that your waiting for a better time, that you will feel like doing it later. You’re never gonna feel like doing it. Ever

Simple but not easy

You have to force yourself

The problem with your mind is that every time you do anything that is different, your mind goes on auto-pilot (emergency break)

Anything is that is a break from your routine will require force

The routine is killing you.

People get stuck in life: Your body is wired to send you signals.

When you feel stuck, it is a signal that your most basic need is not being met

Your soul needs exploration and growth You will only get it by making yourself uncomfortable

Get out of your head. Your feelings are screwing you. You will never get what you want because you will never feel like it. You need to get outside your comfort zone. Those first 3 seconds will suck, but then it will get better

When you had the impulse, you didn’t go on with it; your emergency break got pulled. Get outside, that’s where the magic is. Your mind can process a facial expression in 33 milliseconds, If you don’t marry the idea with in 5 seconds, you will pull the emergency break. Your problems isn’t ideas, your problem is that you don’t act on them.

Practice the 5 second rule.

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Self Sabotoge

In order create change your life, watch and listen. Look. Your current ego mind is creating your experience. You can give yourself knowledge of yourself and give your self an understanding of how your mind is currently operating. People self-sabotage by denying that which is their current state of experience. Running from current issues. To truly create change, observe yourself of clear understanding of that which you are experiencing. See yourself and accept your self. Self-examination, self-knowledge will be gained. Bring the natural process of cause and effect; you will release blocks of self-acceptance and self-love. Provide an open space to express you. You will deepen your sensitivity and awareness within yourself.

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Self-Sabotage and How to Overcome It


Part of us is like an iceberg. People only see the tip. Underneath the waterline, most of the self-sabotage occurs. Down in the sub-conscious, main DVDs were scripted by age 7. Limiting beliefs are under the surface. The DVDs are just programmed there. The picture will show because it has been programmed

Re-record your DVDS. Daydream about good things, quit dwelling on your failures

Work out what you want in life and who do you want to be

Loving? Kind? Assertive? Courageous? Start seeing yourself as being that person. See yourself as this new person that you really want to be. This DVD is now being recorded in the conscious. Imagine seeing yourself as out-going, confident, see it in your mind’s eye, to a point that a sub-conscious picks it up and makes it your actual reality. The new DVD is now coming to the surface instead of the old one. The DVD will play what you have been rehearsing. It takes 4 weeks to cut in. In 6 months, it will become permanent. You will have reduced or eliminated your self-sabotage. Most leaders have good solid DVDs.

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Survival Guide for Highly Empathetic People


Expect little from others. People are too selfish.

Stop giving second chances. People do not change

Do not give to others what they wouldn’t give to you

Set achievable goals. Define achievement based on experience

Stop trying to be perfect. This world doesn’t deserve it

Don’t give others power to decide for you. You will regret it.

Do not belittle your self in front of others. They will prey on it

Quit obsessing over your flaws, everyone has them.

You deserve to make yourself happy. Your goal in life is to make you happy

Your parents are an exception: the two people that will give unconditionally, and expect very little.

Decide your worth. Never give that power away

You are too good to be true. Recognize it and conceal it.

Stop seeing the good in everyone. Some are just as nasty as they seem

Pick your posse wisely. Not everyone deserves to be around you

Definitely try forgiving, but never forget. In fact, keep a tally.

People that hurt you on purpose should never be kept around.

They follow the crowd because of low-self esteem.

They pull you down to bring you on their level. Recognize this, be flattered, but never let them succeed

Your reaction portrays the significance you place on things. Be aware of this and stop reacting to everything

The best comeback is usually no comeback. Too cool to care

Shits are earned. Save them for people that work for it.

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