Self-Sabotage and How to Overcome It


Part of us is like an iceberg. People only see the tip. Underneath the waterline, most of the self-sabotage occurs. Down in the sub-conscious, main DVDs were scripted by age 7. Limiting beliefs are under the surface. The DVDs are just programmed there. The picture will show because it has been programmed

Re-record your DVDS. Daydream about good things, quit dwelling on your failures

Work out what you want in life and who do you want to be

Loving? Kind? Assertive? Courageous? Start seeing yourself as being that person. See yourself as this new person that you really want to be. This DVD is now being recorded in the conscious. Imagine seeing yourself as out-going, confident, see it in your mind’s eye, to a point that a sub-conscious picks it up and makes it your actual reality. The new DVD is now coming to the surface instead of the old one. The DVD will play what you have been rehearsing. It takes 4 weeks to cut in. In 6 months, it will become permanent. You will have reduced or eliminated your self-sabotage. Most leaders have good solid DVDs.


About The Brain That Never Shutsup

You do not know me. This empowers me to speak my mind.
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