Survival Guide for Highly Empathetic People


Expect little from others. People are too selfish.

Stop giving second chances. People do not change

Do not give to others what they wouldn’t give to you

Set achievable goals. Define achievement based on experience

Stop trying to be perfect. This world doesn’t deserve it

Don’t give others power to decide for you. You will regret it.

Do not belittle your self in front of others. They will prey on it

Quit obsessing over your flaws, everyone has them.

You deserve to make yourself happy. Your goal in life is to make you happy

Your parents are an exception: the two people that will give unconditionally, and expect very little.

Decide your worth. Never give that power away

You are too good to be true. Recognize it and conceal it.

Stop seeing the good in everyone. Some are just as nasty as they seem

Pick your posse wisely. Not everyone deserves to be around you

Definitely try forgiving, but never forget. In fact, keep a tally.

People that hurt you on purpose should never be kept around.

They follow the crowd because of low-self esteem.

They pull you down to bring you on their level. Recognize this, be flattered, but never let them succeed

Your reaction portrays the significance you place on things. Be aware of this and stop reacting to everything

The best comeback is usually no comeback. Too cool to care

Shits are earned. Save them for people that work for it.


About The Brain That Never Shutsup

You do not know me. This empowers me to speak my mind.
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