The Problems With Being Fine

You tell yourself you’re fine.

If you’re fine, you don’t have to do anything about it

The bigger issue with being fine is that you’ve secretly given up, convinced yourself your ok without that thing you really want.

New motto: I’m not fine, I’m fantastic.

You have life-changing ideas for a reason, and that reason is not to haunt you

First decision you make this morning, to settle back: It is comfortable

Tmrw morning set your alarm for 30 mins earlier. Throw sheets off, start your day. Do it. You will come face to face with the physical force that is required to achieve your goal. Push yourself. Stop convinving yourself that your waiting for a better time, that you will feel like doing it later. You’re never gonna feel like doing it. Ever

Simple but not easy

You have to force yourself

The problem with your mind is that every time you do anything that is different, your mind goes on auto-pilot (emergency break)

Anything is that is a break from your routine will require force

The routine is killing you.

People get stuck in life: Your body is wired to send you signals.

When you feel stuck, it is a signal that your most basic need is not being met

Your soul needs exploration and growth You will only get it by making yourself uncomfortable

Get out of your head. Your feelings are screwing you. You will never get what you want because you will never feel like it. You need to get outside your comfort zone. Those first 3 seconds will suck, but then it will get better

When you had the impulse, you didn’t go on with it; your emergency break got pulled. Get outside, that’s where the magic is. Your mind can process a facial expression in 33 milliseconds, If you don’t marry the idea with in 5 seconds, you will pull the emergency break. Your problems isn’t ideas, your problem is that you don’t act on them.

Practice the 5 second rule.


About The Brain That Never Shutsup

You do not know me. This empowers me to speak my mind.
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