Being Poor

Inspired by John Scalzi,

Being poor is to never mention what your family does, or how many siblings you have

Being poor is hiding where you live

Being poor is making excuses for why you wear the same shoes or have the same purse everyday

Being poor is realizing that life isnÞ’t fair

Being poor is watching people criticize welfare, yet knowing your parents have done the best they could

Being poor is watching despair around you, hoping you can make out of it

Being poor is eating the same meal everyday and being told to be grateful

Being poor is hiding everything about you, because you don’t want to be pitied

Being poor is celebrating milestones like highschool and college graduation, knowing the odds were against you

Being poor is avoiding social media because you’re ashamed of your family-life or therelackof.

Being poor is telling friends to drop you off across the street, because you don’t wanna be judged for your neighborhood

Being poor is knowing that some people would never be okay with your situation, even if you can’t help it.

Being poor is watching your siblings get caught up in crimes and drugs, whilst you continue the struggle to overcome

Being poor is persevering today so that hopefully tmrw might be better

Being poor is purchasing clothes with tags still on, so they can later be returned

Being poor is walking everywhere, because you donÞ’t have the privilege of a car

Being poor is working your butt off in college, and still being judged by your Þüpper classÞ”peers

Being poor is watching your parents get sicker and sicker, because they don’t have health care

Being poor is lying to your teachers about why you can’t go to field trips

Being poor is making rounds at your school’s financial aid office until someone finally feels bad and gives you an extra grant

Being poor is having people tell you that they don’t understand why you have low-self esteem

Being poor is yearning to someday just be normal.

Being poor is having the past haunt you, even when you finally manage to get away from it all.





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You do not know me. This empowers me to speak my mind.
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